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Atlanta drivers at risk of a fatal car accident?

Think there are more fatal auto accidents in Atlanta than rural parts of Georgia? Think again. At the Law Offices of Gary Martin Hays & Associates, we recently learned that drivers in Atlanta are less likely to be in a fatal motor vehicle accident than the rest of the state. A study conducted by the Atlanta-based Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found the same to be true for the 50 largest U.S. metropolitan areas. These cities have fewer fatal auto accidents than the national average. But don't get too comfortable on the streets of Atlanta. The CDC report determined that more people died in Atlanta auto accidents than the national average.

The CDC based its findings on national motor vehicle accident data for 2009. That year, a total of 34,485 people died nationwide in auto accidents. That's 11.1 deaths per 100,000 people. In Atlanta, 64 people or 12.0 per 100,000 died in auto accidents that same year.

Such figures might seem frightening to Atlanta drivers. But compared to the rest of Georgia, Atlanta had fewer fatal auto accidents. In Georgia, 1,311 people - or 13.5 per 100,000 - died in auto accidents in 2009.

But no matter what the statistics, a serious accident can happen to anyone at any time. Just recently, a 59-year-old Atlanta woman died as a result of an auto accident that injured an Atlanta police officer. The fatal auto accident happened on Cascade Road in Atlanta while the police officer was responding to a call.

At the Law Offices of Gary Martin Hays & Associates, we understand the dangers drivers face every day. If you've been injured in an accident, allow a Georgia car accident attorney at our law firm to review your case with you. Even if your accident seems straightforward, there might be issues you haven't even considered, including whether to file an auto accident lawsuit in Georgia.

Atlanta may be safer statistically than the rest of Georgia. But accidents happen. Don't leave your future to chance. Take back control. Contact a Georgia auto accident lawyer who puts people first. Contact the Law Offices of Gary Martin Hays & Associates, P.C., 3098 Breckinridge Boulevard, Duluth, GA 30096.

Unemployment, auto accidents and uninsured drivers in GA – learn the truth!

Attention Georgia drivers. What do auto accidents, the unemployment rate and the number of uninsured drivers have in common? More than you might think. Each time the unemployment rate goes up 1 percent, the number of uninsured drivers increases by an estimated 1 percent, a recent study reports.

What would you do if an uninsured motorist hit your vehicle in Georgia? You need a determined car accident lawyer in Georgia on your side. You need the Law Offices of Gary Martin Hays & Associates. Serving clients in Atlanta and throughout Georgia, our experienced auto accident attorneys in Atlanta, GA can give you the attention you rightfully deserve. Allow us to help you get your life back on track. Contact an auto accident lawyer in Georgia with years of experience standing up for clients. Contact the Law Offices of Gary Martin Hays & Associates.

Georgia's unemployment rate remains above the national average. According to the latest statistics, the state's unemployment rate is 9.8 percent compared to 9.2 percent nationwide. Both figures have declined in recent months but they're still nearly double what they were just two years ago.

An estimated 1 in 7 drivers have no auto insurance. That's 14 percent! Car accidents involving uninsured motorists can be extremely complicated.  Insurance companies can sometimes be unresponsive. The uninsured driver who caused the accident may even try to claim you're at fault!

Serious accidents demand serious attention. Take back control. Contact the Law Offices of Gary Martin Hays & Associates. Our lawyers have years of experience helping drivers injured by uninsured motorists. We're prepared to do whatever it takes to resolve your accident with an uninsured motorist and get you the money you rightfully deserve.

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