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Did Seizures Result in NBA Star Causing Fatal Atlanta Car Wreck?

According to the Bleacher Report, former NBA All-Star Mookie Blaylock surrendered himself to authorities this month. Blaylock has been charged with vehicular homicide after being blamed for a head-on accident. The NBA player reportedly blacked out before the crash, which reports indicate may have potentially been caused by a seizure.  

Our Atlanta car accident lawyers know that many medical conditions can make driving unsafe or impossible. If someone has a medical condition that could cause him to black out and he makes a decision to drive anyway, that individual could be considered legally negligent and civilly liable for the damage caused.

NBA Player Causes Fatal Head-on Crash

The Bleacher Report indicates that the fatal crash involving the NBA star occurred on May 31. Blaylock was driving his Cadillac Escalade when he apparently blacked out behind the wheel. The Escalade went over a median and hit a van head-on. There were two passengers in the van.

One passenger, a 43-year-old-woman, died at the hospital hours after the crash. The other passenger, the husband of the deceased, was rushed to Atlanta Medical Center in critical condition. His condition has slowly improved and it is now looking as though he will make a recovery.

The two innocent victims hit by the Cadillac Escalade suffered unimaginable loss because of the accident. An attorney for the NBA player indicates that Blaylock's blackout may have perhaps occurred because of a seizure. The Jonesboro Police Chief had indicated to a local TV station that Blaylock had a history of seizures and police were investigating whether a seizure may have been the cause.

Blaylock has a long history of driving problems. He is wanted in another state for failure to appear on a DUI charge, and police in this case not only charged him with vehicular manslaughter but also with driving on a suspended license; driving over a median and making an improper lane change. The criminal penalties for the combined offenses, especially for the vehicular manslaughter, mean that the Blaylock may be sentenced to serve prison time if convicted.

Blaylock could also face civil liability, which means that the injured husband could sue to recover for his own injuries and could sue for wrongful death for the loss of his wife. In order for a lawsuit to be successful or for the criminal charges to stick, however, Blaylock must have done something wrong.

Drivers are liable for accidents they cause if they act in an unreasonably careless way,  likely because they did something negligent or dangerous that put others at risk. In this case, civil and criminal authorities will be looking to determine whether his dangerous or careless actions were caused by driving with a seizure disorder and a history of blacking out or driving while under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol.

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