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Tips to Avoid Atlanta Bicycle Crashes

CBS Atlanta reported that a 14-year-old-South Georgia boy was recently killed in a bicycle accident. This young man, who was hit by a car on Monday morning, is one of many children who will lose their lives or suffer serious injuries as a result of a bicycle crash this year.

Our Atlanta, GA accident attorneys know that the number of bicycle accidents increases as the weather gets warmer and as more bike riders take to the roads to enjoy balmy days. We urge every bike rider to remember some basic safety tips in order to avoid becoming the victim of a bike accident this spring or summer.

Bicycle Accident CausesĀ Child's Death

The bicycle accident that resulted in the death of the 14-year-old boy occurred when the victim was hit by a Chevrolet Suburban. The boy was riding on the road when he was approached by two cars from behind. The boy apparently believed that there was only one car that had come up behind him, as he reportedly switched lanes right into the path of the second car.

The Chevrolet Suburban hit the boy who had crossed over into his lane. The boy was knocked into a ditch as a result of the impact, and he was subsequently pronounced dead at the accident scene. According to CBS Atlanta, no charges are likely to be filed as a result of the accident.

Avoiding Bicycle Accidents

The bicycle accident in this case was tragic because it could perhaps have been avoided if the bike rider had been aware of the car behind him or if he had been riding on the sidewalk or the road shoulder instead of in the street.

Having proper bicycle lanes and a safe place for bike riders is one major thing that city officials can do in order to protect bicycle riders. When there are no safe lanes or spaces for bike riders, then cyclists should either refrain from riding or should be especially careful in traffic. The truth of the matter is far too many of these collisions are caused by drivers. An independent investigation can help determine all of the causes of a traffic collision.

Bicycle riders can also take other steps to try to stay safe from bicycle accidents including:

  • Making sure they are visible to drivers by choosing bright clothing.
  • Avoiding riding a bicycle during times of low visibility, such as at night time or in bad weather.
  • Adding a bicycle light to their bikes for use when riding during fog or rain or for use when riding at night time.
  • Making sure their bicycles are in good working order, with sufficient air pressure in the tires and working pedals and brakes.
  • Wearing a bicycle helmet every time they ride.
  • Staying in designated bicycle lanes or on sidewalks or the road shoulder.
  • Avoiding wearing head phones, talking on a cell phone or doing any behavior that creates a distraction or reduces the chances of seeing approaching cars.

By following these steps, bicycle riders can hopefully stay safer and avoid bike accidents. Drivers also need to be aware of how to safely share the road with riders and can be held legally responsible if they make negligent or careless choices that endanger a cyclist.

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