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Simulator gives young people a lesson in distracted driving

A young person who is involved in a texting while driving accident in Atlanta or a drunk driving accident in Georgia won't get a do-over. They have to deal with the consequences, which often are tragic.

Technology, however, is giving young drivers a chance to experience the consequences of the choices they make behind the wheel - without the heartache of accidental death or serious injury.

A computer simulation program, called One Simple Decision, allows young drivers to see what happens in a crash while under the influence or while sending or receiving text messages. According to USA Today, the program is designed to modify driver behavior by combining simulated driving and interactions with police, judges, and emergency medical personnel. The program, created by Virtual Driver Interactive Inc., offers users an intense, 20-minute experience. They will deal with a real judge, sheriff's deputies and EMTs, according to USA Today.

As Atlanta personal injury lawyers, we have seen first-hand the devastation caused by negligent drivers. We welcome any effort to reduce serious car accident injuries and fatalities. According to USA Today, many advocacy groups around the country are turning to the driving simulation program.

The news article quotes a 19-year-old New York driver who experienced the simulation about a year ago. "It tells you to start texting, so I took out my phone and started texting," he said. "I ended up crashing into a stop sign and got into a head-on collision. It's crazy to see how easy it was."

The Law Offices of Gary Martin Hays has supported other efforts to reduce distracted driving. The federal government recently intensified its fight against distracted driving.  And the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention also released for the first time federal statistics on how pervasive distracted driving is among young people. A 2011 anonymous national survey of more than 15,000 high school students found that 58 percent of high school seniors admitted to texting or e-mailing while driving during the previous month, according to USA Today.

Many teenagers may not understand the potentially deadly consequences of texting while driving. The computer simulator and other efforts may serve as a much-needed wakeup call.

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