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Texting while driving unsafe at any speed in Georgia

Georgia is one of 34 states nationwide that bans people from texting while driving. Distracted driving kills and injuries thousands of people nationwide every year. Even so, many people continue to text and drive because they think they can do both safely at the same time. Think again. A recent study revealed some startling information about the effects of texting on a driver's reaction time. According to the study, drivers react twice as slow while texting.

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Results from the recent scientific study conducted by the Texas Transportation Institute revealed some shocking information. Using a closed road, the scientific test involved drivers attempting to read or write a text message while driving on an open road and a section of roadway lined with construction barrels. Throughout the test, drivers who were texting reacted much slower than the test subjects who were not texting. "It is frightening," the researchers wrote, "to think of how much more poorly our participants may have performed if the driving conditions were more consistent with routine driving."

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