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Workplace Cell Phone Policies Should Reduce Atlanta Accident Risks

Drivers who use cell phones and fail to pay careful attention to the road can be held responsible if their actions cause a crash. In some cases, a driver who is responsible for causing a collision will be sued by those who have been harmed by the accident. A personal injury lawyer can help motorists to file a claim to recover compensation for losses. cardashboard

State laws also make make it possible for injured people to take action against employers when the at-fault driver was working at the time of the crash. This means if an employee is driving somewhere as a part of his or her job and he or she causes a motor vehicle collision to occur, the employer could potentially be held responsible. This is especially common in truck accident cases when a truck driver causes a crash and a victim is hurt.

Employers need to be aware of the potential for legal liability and should ensure that they have a workplace cell phone policy in place in order to ensure they do not find themselves on the hook for a motor vehicle crash.

The National Safety Council Provides Advice on Workplace Cell Phone Policies

The National Safety Council (NSC) provides information on creating an effective workplace cell phone policy. Workers and their companies need to be aware of the NSC's recommendation and should make sure they are reducing the risk of an on-the-job crash related to an employee's use of a cell phone while driving.

The NSC recommends  employers put a policy in place barring both the use of both handheld and hands-free devices. The policy should apply to all employees, including to executives and other top-level professionals. The bottom line is no one should be using a handheld or hands-free cell phone while they are driving at any time.

In many cases, employers will expect their workers to be in constant communication. For example, an employer may provide a hands-free phone system or other hands-free communication devices that workers take with them when they are on the job. Even these hands-free or voice controlled systems can significantly increase the risk of a crash.

Recent studies from AAA have revealed even voice-based vehicle communications systems are dangerous for drivers to use while operating vehicles. In fact, hands-free systems may be even more of a distraction for drivers than handheld systems because they can take longer to use. Drivers who are using an electronic device via voice control or talking on a hands-free phone while they are driving can experience delayed reaction times and may experience inattention blindness, which occurs when they see objects that are in front of them but they do not actually process that those objects are there and that they need to stop for them. Plus, drivers receive a false sense of security with hands-free devices.

Employees must speak up and tell their employers they won't risk their lives when driving. Company leaders should ensure that they do not put their workers in a position where they have to use hands-free or handheld devices behind the wheel.

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