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Elderly Abuse and Neglect on the Rise in Georgia

Elder abuse is an umbrella term that may include physical, sexual, or emotional abuse; financial exploitation; and neglect, abandonment or self-neglect.

Caseloads are increasing for state investigators in Georgia, as more and more reports of elderly abuse and neglect are made.

According to Adult Protective Services, there has been a 67% increase in elderly abuse and neglect since 2008. Many feel that the slumping economy plays a major role in the increase.

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The state's 2014 proposed budget will cut nearly $530,000 of funding, even as the number of abuse reports are on the rise. Some of the cuts will eliminate jobs for family service workers.

With the rise in numbers in the population, the potential for further elderly abuse and neglect is dangerously high.

Attorney Gary Martin Hays has seen a rise in cases as well and says "This problem isn't getting better so it's vitally important for families to take special care of their loved ones, especially when choosing nursing homes"

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