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Duluth apartment shooting leaves 19-year-old dead

DULUTH, Ga. - The Examiner is reporting that a 19-year-old male identified as Julio Trinidad was shot and killed at The Falls Apartment complex located in the Duluth, Ga. area after midnight on July 18, 2013.

Julio was a resident of the apartment complex and there is speculation that the shooting took place during a robbery attempt. According to the police, he suffered what appeared to be at least one gunshot wound to the head but the extent of the injuries will be determined by the Gwinnett County Medical Examiner.

The Falls Apartment complex is located off of Satellite Blvd. 2 miles from I-85.

Their website states the following:

"Welcome to The Falls At Gwinnett Place Neighborhood... Where We Have Safe And Fun Living In Duluth, GA Apartments!"

In some cases, deaths that are caused due to dangerous property conditions or poor building maintenance, either inside or outside a structure, are legally coined "premises liability" incidents.  These incidents can occur at commercial buildings (stores or offices), residences (private homes or rentals), or on public property (parks, streets, or public transportation).

Here are a few examples of how premises can be dangerous:

There are guidelines that help determine who is legally responsible when it appears that a property condition causes a death or serious injury.

The 2 Liability Rules for Premises Accidents

Rule One: The Owner Must Keep the Property Safe

The owner of a property has a legal responsibility to anyone who enters his or her property as a tenant, not to subject that person to an unreasonable risk of injury because of the construction, design or condition of the property.

The property owner has complete control over the safety of the premises that they own and the visitor has none. For example, if the owner of an apartment building does not fix broken lights, security cameras, locks or gates, they can be held responsible for crimes that are committed.

Rule Two: The Visitor Must Use the Property as they Normally Would

Simply put, if the person injured is using the property in an unsafe way, the property owner is not responsible.

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