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Man Killed at Apartment Complex Near Norcross, Ga.

WSB is reporting that a man was shot and killed at a Norcross apartment complex, and another man was struck in the head.

The Gwinnett County Police released a statement that the two men, Thomas Smith and Steven Carden, were walking through the Celadon Apartment complex at approximately 7:10 a.m. when Smith was struck over the head and Carden was shot.

The Marietta Daily Journal is reporting that the two men did not live in the complex and that they were confronted by two men right before the shooting occurred.

Other sources are reporting that residents of the community are afraid, and feel that they "need more security around the apartments."

Our Atlanta personal injury lawyers have written recently about violent attacks at area apartment complexes and what victims can do to protect their rights. 

According to an advertisement for the apartment complex, the following features are available for residents:

Community Features:

Spacious Townhome Style Apartments

  • Sparkling Swimming Pool
  • Playground
  • Picnic Area/BBQ Area
  • Sports Field
  • On-Site Laundry Room
  • 24-Hour Maintenance

Deaths that are caused due to poor maintenance or dangerous property, either inside or outside a building, are typically referred to as premises liability cases in the legal world.  Premises liability can occur at residences, commercial buildings or on public property.

Invitee, trespasser or licensee?

An invitee is someone who the property owner has invited onto the property, such as a customer or in the case of apartments, the residents. A licensee enters a property for his or her own purposes but has permission from the property owner to be there. A trespasser is one who enters without any right whatsoever.

In regard to trespassers, if the property owner understands that it is likely that trespassers will enter their property, they may be charged with a duty to give reasonable warning to prevent injury.

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